Family Influences

Found in all Dimensions of Culture

The family is not merely a construct of human will or imagination but has a profoundly important connection to nature beginning with the realities of reproduction and extending to the forces that shape civilization itself. Just as an individual cannot be understood in isolation from his or her family context, it is impossible to understand culture without considering family dimensions.

Whether explicit or implicit, family influences can virtually always be found when one asks “the family question” of any given social or historical experience. Using a “family lens” paves the way for multi and cross-disciplinary collaborations with family studies scholars across the full range of social science investigations to explore the complex and critically important roles that the family plays in our contemporary world.

Family influences  


Cultural influences

Intergenerational influence & family history

Stable family life

Essential to individual and social well-being

World religions

Shared understanding about the importance of family 

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