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 About Skyline Research Institute (SRI)


Founded by family research, communication, law, policy, and storytelling experts, Skyline Research Institute (SRI) is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the family as the fundamental unit of society. 

With over 75 years of combined experience in non-profit, governmental, academic, and strategic communications, and family storytelling, we consult and educate on public international law, family law, policy, messaging and media relations, storytelling, curriculum, and training leaders for the next generation.

We help people see the world through a family lens.


 The Family Literacy Project  &

The Family and Public Life Initiative  

With the goal of reaching and teaching the world about the importance of the family, we’re excited to announce our new, innovative framework.
We call it “family literacy.” 

Although the term “family literacy” has been traditionally used when talking about education
within the family, we have expanded the meaning of family literacy to include education
about the family.

Our unique methodology and programs are designed help people of all ages around the world grow in the ability to discern, analyze, and view the world through a family lens.

Check out why our new concept of “family literacy” is so important to maintaining and strengthening
families and society.

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